• 2015 - NACS C-Store Conference (Las Vegas, NV): “Purpose-Driven Employees”
  • 2012 ACA Educational Summit (Knoxville, TN): “Developing Future Business Technologies: Strategies and Tools for Engaging Small Business Learning Needs with Open Source Technologies.”
  • 2011 NASBITE Conference (Charleston, S.C): “Teaching Outsourcing to Business Students”
  • 2010 Commencement Speaker for Northeast State Community College
  • College of Business and Technology, East Tennessee State University (2005-2008) – “The Web as a Job Search Tool.”
  • Tri Cities Business Journal 40-Under-40 Award Ceremony (keynote) – Johnson City, TN (2008) – “Being a Successful Young Professional in the Tri Cities.”
  • Local Society for HR Managements presentation (2006) "GenX-GenY Workforce and Culture – How to Manage and How to Work With"
  • OSRA – Organizational Systems Research Association – Las Vegas (2002) – “Utilizing Internet Video Conferencing for Organizational Improvement.”
  • ACE Web – Agricultural Communication and Education – Savannah, Ga (2002) – “Reach Out! Expanding e-learning Opportunities – Universal Instructional Design”
  • DPE - National Conference for Business Educators – Nashville, TN (2001) – Research into a technology model of a virtual corporate university.
  • ACES Conference – Accessing Community Employment Services – Gatlinburg, TN (2001) – “Designing Accessible Websites” and “Adaptive Internet Technology for People with Disabilities.
  • MTSU – Mid-South Instructional Technology Conference, Murfreesboro, TN – “HRD Online Gateway: First Stop for Online Students and Instructors,” and “Virtual Guest Speakers for Online Instruction.”
  • eLearning Technology Workshop for Samsung International, Knoxville, TN – Facilitated 8 different workshops to employees from Korean Samsung group on building eLearning.
  • Tech ED –Tennessee Technology Education Conference, Nashville, TN (1999 & 2000) “The Process of Streaming Audio/Video and Classroom Uses.”
  • Tennessee Virtual University Conference – Nashville, TN (1999) “HRD Online Instruction.”
  • Society for Applied Learning Technology – Washington D.C. (2000) – “Knowledge Management for Online Instruction for Human Resource Development.”
  • e-Tooling – “Internet Video Conference for Tennessee Teachers using Technology, Online (2000)